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5 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Send a Sunflower

Thinking of a gift to brighten someone’s day? Nothing can light up one’s mood than the sunny beauty of sunflowers. This popular blossom’s cheerful appearance can quickly chase the gloomy clouds away. Yellow, tall and proud, sunflowers are the perfect floral gifts for when you want to send messages of hope, happiness, good health and good fortune.

To further convince you that sunflowers make a brilliant gift, here are five cool reasons why you should send sunflowers to your loved ones:

1. One stem of sunflower is equivalent to a bouquet. Yes, you’ve read that right! A sunflower is not a single flower at all but actually a whole bouquet. Look closer at its flower head and you’ll see plenty of tiny flowers called florets. At the center are the central florets while the yellow “petals” that you see are the outer florets. One sunflower is a huge bouquet with as many as 2,000 florets.

2. Send a sunflower and send sunshine. Have you seen someone frown at the sight of a radiant, large, yellow sunflower? We bet there’s no mood that a sunflower can’t perk up. With attributes that mirror the sun, sunflowers’ sunny disposition never fails to make people happy.

3. Sunflower’s a sweet gift. That’s a literal fact. On each central floret is its own supply of nectar that is used by bees to make honey. Because sunflowers are rich in nectar and has an attractive bright yellow colour, bees of all kinds love them.

4. When your sunflower gift wilts and loses its charm, its dried version can be used as a natural bird feeder. Send a sunflower to a nature-lover or birdwatcher friend or loved one and show support for their advocacy.

5. There’s no one flower named as tricky as the sunflower. Did you know that a sunflower is technically not a flower but an inflorescence? As mentioned, one stem of this bloom is composed of a cluster of tiny flowers that makes up the large “flower head” or inflorescence. And while this glorious blossom isn’t a flower, it is the only “flower” with the word “flower” in its name.

Order sunflowers today and be a ray of sunshine to a family, friend or loved one.

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