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Where do you get a quick fix of peace and tranquillity?

“It’s in blue flowers.”

Blue Flowers are more than just plain eye-candy flowers. It gives a refreshing and soothing feeling that would definitely recharge you, making you feel more rejuvenated than usual. The colour blue may be associated with being cold and sad but with blue flowers, it’s completely the opposite.

It represents contentment and a genuine kind of joy that one can only find from peace coming from the heart and mind. Blue flowers can be your initial choice of bouquet whenever and wherever because it offers something different yet something that have sensational appeal.

The meaning behind sending blue flowers

“There is hope.” Sending blue flowers is an encouraging gesture to hope for better tomorrows. A bouquet of blue hydrangeas can be sent to someone who is struggling and trying to have a new beginning.

“You need to calm down.” When things get overwhelming and there is no easy way to tell someone to calm their nerves, you can send a cool bouquet of blue petunias and lower down someone’s anxiety. Let your recipient remember to breathe in and out every once in a while.

“I love your uniqueness.” Blue flowers can also be an appreciation of one’s individuality, because being different is not someone’s limitation but a true mark of his or her character. Show them that you believe in them and have faith in their capability with flowers of ocean blue hue.

“You are my dream come true.” Commemorating an achievement of your dreams should be graced by the presence of splendid blue asters and blue bells. You can also send this to the woman of your dreams who have now become your lifetime partner.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” The connotation of blue flowers here is eternity and the vow to be with someone through thick and thin; so don’t get too surprised to see an abundance f blue flowers during wedding ceremonies and marriage proposals.

Gather your emotions and prepare to lay it all out to the blue skies with astounding blue flowers!

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