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How To Write Gift Card Messages With Flowers

 Heartfelt love messages

We all know flowers are beautiful ways  of expressing our heartfelt emotions to the ones we love. Now,a common challenge is what to write on the card when you're checking out! Showing or expressing love in words can be difficult sometimes. It's best to get flowers that really express how we feel inside about the people receiving our flowers. We have arrays of different bouquets and flower arrangements that express love and beautiful towards our partners, loved ones and friends! Floramamma has got you covered! Here are a few examples of beautiful messages to show how you truly feel in words as well as flowers.

Anniversary messages

Thank you, my love for the beautiful time spent together. I am grateful for all that we share and moving forward, I want to love you better and grow old. Here's to more years with you!

I still can't believe I got the beautiful gift of you. I am forever amazed that you chose me to spend forever with your baby. I would choose only you over and over again. Cheers to forever my love

 I am glad for all the laughs, arguments, discussions, fun, memories that I have with you. I do not take any of it for granted. Thank you for choosing to do life with me honey! Xoxo!

 It's been 6 years and it feels so short. Forever with you really won't be enough to express all the love in my heart for you. You are my favorite person and I'm glad I'm yours too. Happy anniversary sweetheart!

Another milestone to celebrate with you! We've come such a long way and I wouldn't rather do it with anybody else. You're the only one for me babyyyyy. Now and forever!

It's been such a rollercoaster ride with you and I loved and enjoyed every moment. Haha yes, even the arguments. You make me a better woman, so thank you so much and cheerrs to a beautiful future. Happy anniversary my love

What a journey it's been! Who would have thought I'd still have you? I love you, thank you for sticking with me so long. Here's to more beautiful memories together

You are such a special person and you've givene a new outlook on life. Thank you my dear. Here's to continuing to grow with you

Birthday messages

Happy birthday bestie! You're an amazing person and you deserve the absolute best. Have an amazing day!

You're a year older today and that marks the beginning of so much more for you. I love you so much and I can't wait to turn up with you today. Happy birthday sis!

You inspire me to be so much and you are continually being a beautiful person. I hope this new year is as beautiful as you are

Where is the party? My best bro is grown and I'm so proud of all that you've accomplished! Can't wait to see you later today my baby

You've been an amazing friend and you care for me so much. Today I'm going to return that same care to you. I'll spoil you silly birthday boy. Love you so much

Ha ha! Finally 18! We'll paint the town red today. Happy birthday friend!! Enjoy the flowers till you see me

Happy happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world. It's such a privilege to be your friend and to know you. Here's to more beautiful years in friendship and in good health

It's your birthday! Do whatever you want! Don't buy things on credit though, I won't pay. I love and respect you so much my dear. Have fun today!

Messages for a new mum

Children are a blessing and it's a very special occurence to have new ones brought to life. There is a lot that surrounds new births and sometimes a word of encouragement an gifts to a new mother is a perfect way to say that you support them and are rooting for them.

When writing messages for new moms and children we must be careful to write only beautiful words of love and utmost support. We must get the correct delivery details and send bright and encouraging flower bouquets or arrangements

Here a few tips to get you started

I can't wait to see my godson! I've been waiting for him and he's finally here. My heart is so full of love for you and my baby boy. Congratulations sweetie. See you soon

You've been such a blessing to me and now you've been blessed. Double blessings too! I'm sure they look as beautiful as you do! See you as soon as I can travel down. Do send me pictures

Remember when we joked about being there for each other's first children? Look at us now! We're really here and you're really a mom now! I'm so proud of you babe, and I can't wait to see my little munchkin

It's been such a journey and I've been praying for you all the way. Now our baby is here safe and sound. Well done! I can't wait to see you. Here are some roses in the meantime

OH mum! I can't wait to get back from college and see my baby brother. Thank you for making me a big sister. You're so strong and such a wonderful mother. Here are some flowers to remind you that my heart is with you even though I'm not physically present

Congratulations Susy! You're a great woman and I bet you'll make a great mother! See you soonest love

Congratulations on the birth of your new child. Here are some flowers to help as you recover. Stay strong for us all

Valentine's Day messages

Valentine's day is one of the most special days in a year. It's a day of love, celebration for love and all round beauty. Sometimes it can be hard to express exactly how we feel to our loved ones. A bunch of fresh, nice smelling flowers and a loving note accompanied with other accessories makes a perfect gift. Here a few card examples to inspire you and get those creative juices flowing

You're very important to me and I hope that I make you happy. Here's to a beautiful day with you. Happy Valentine's my love

I will always want to be with you. No matter how tough it gets, you really and truly are the only one for me. Thank you for loving me despite my flaws. I love you. Happy Valentine's day

Thank you for being a great friend and a wonderful lover.  Happy Valentine's day sweetheart

Happy Valentine's day dear. You make me smile and so I'll do that for you today. Let's go have fun

You have a special place in my life my love! And that's why today I'm celebrating you and your love. Happy Valentine's day baby. I wanna do this again next year and for the rest of our lives

You've sacrificed so much for us and for the people around you. You constantly make me want to be a better man. Happy Valentine's day, love of my life. Thank you for being mine.

You're special and you're mine! What joy! Happy Valentine's baby

One day isn't enough to show you how much I truly care for you but I'd still celebrate this day with no other. Here's to a beautiful day with you in love. Happy Valentine's day love

Apology messages

It's okay to mess up sometimes but sometimes it's hard to put our apologies in words. Flowers are a perfect gift to tell someone you're sorry and you wish to change. Adding a heartfelt note is always a great idea. Here are some apology message ideas to help you get started

Here are some flowers to show you that I truly am sorry for my actions. Please forgive me and give me a second chance. I love you

I know I didn't handle that issue in the best way possible. I'm sorry that I sometimes blow my top and don't listen. I promise to change my dear. Thank you for another Chance

I never mean to take your kind heart for granted and I'm sorry if I ever make you feel that way. I'll change from now on babe

My actions don't come from the heart because I truly and honestly love you. Thank you for everything dear

You do a great thing just by tolerating me and some of my excesses. Thank you for being with me and I'm sorry for all that I do to offend you.

Sometimes I do not mean to, but I do and say things that upset you. For that I am truly sorry. Here's to hoping to get another chance with you

I know you've forgiven me a number of times but I promise that this is the last. Don't be upset, I'm changing honestly

I don't like fighting with you or being at odds with you. Let's put it all in the past and be great friends once again

Your love and genuine friendship means so much to me. I wouldn't want to lose it for the world. Please forgive me

Let's not fight over something so trivial. Let's see and talk. I miss you. Forgive me

Sympathetic messages

Messages of sympathy and concern can be challenging to write sometimes. Especially for someone close to us. That's why we've got some examples to help you out. Sending flowers to a family or a person who has just suffered a loss is a thoughtful way to show your care and concern for them or that person. Be careful to choose the right words and combination of flowers too

Let's get started

Sympathy messages for family members

I am sending all my love and care during this tough season. It can be hard but know that I am here for you in whatever capacity you need me to be in.

I am terribly sorry for your loss. Your Grammy was so full of life and made everyone around her smile. I hope you find joy and comfort even In these trying times

Yes I know it's hard but I hope you find comfort in the fact that she is now at peace. I hope that you remember her fondly and eventually her memories no longer make you cry but laugh

I know my words may not be enough to comfort you and take away all your pain. I do know though that I am here for you, as a shoulder to cry on and arms to fall into when the grief gets a bit too much. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help

You've always been an extremely strong girl but I hope now that you know it's okay to cry. It's okay to feel all you need to feel and it's okay to feel tired. I am here all the way. Championing your strength and helping you stay afloat

Alice! This news hit me so  hard and I honestly cannot begin to imagine how you are handling it. Sending all my love and comfort. Stay strong please dear

You have always wanted to be strong for me. You have always wanted to be a shield for me. It is time for me to return the favour and shield you from this pain. Lean on me. We will get through this together

My thought and prayers are with you and everyone

Funeral Flower Card suggestions

These are directed to the person who was lost. They are mostly sent to funeral homes alongside funeral wreaths or flower arrangements

You will always remain in my heart. Thank you for the experience that is you

So many memories seem to overwhelm me when I remember that you are truly gone

I love you. Till we meet again, to part no more

I learnt so much from your life and I hope I never forget those lessons. Thank you for it all.