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No doubt, roses communicate love, but they’re not the only flower that’s romantic. There are so many blooms as elegant, charming, and romantic as the popular roses.

We have a stunning selection of romantic flowers perfect for impressing your sweetheart. We have romantic flower arrangements suitable for celebrating young love, communicating affection, and pledging commitment of eternal love. From birthdays to anniversaries and relationship milestones, we have symbolic flower gifts to offer.

Take a look at the other flowers of romance that can compete side by side with the well-loved rose.


It’s easy to fall in love with the fluffy and frilly petals of peonies. This charming flower is loved for its thick, ruffled bloom that comes back every year. Peonies come in different colours and carries meaning depending on hue. Pink peonies are the ones that communicate love and romance. This peony variety is commonly seen in wedding bouquets and table arrangements.


Symbolising beauty and innocence, gerbera daisies with their large flowering heads are now commonly seen in romantic bouquets. This flower has a full spectrum of colours including purple that radiates regal beauty, hot pink that celebrates a bold personality, and orange that communicates the warmth of one’s affection.


A showy flower, this bloom makes a great gift to communicate beauty and admiration. Let the apple of your eye know how radiant and attractive she is in your eyes by sending a bouquet with ranunculus.


Ever heard of stock flower? Matthiola Incana is a species of that genus and is more known as hoary stock. A common garden flower, this bloom is heavily scented with clove and spicy cinnamon scent. Perfect for flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day and Anniversary celebrations, this flower symbolises beauty that doesn’t fade with age. Matthiola Incana also communicates wishes of happiness and contentment.


You’ve probably seen this beauty from the lily family. Commonly used in bouquets, Casablanca lilies come with six white petals with tiny dots lining the center. This flower represents class, style and elegance and is the perfect gift of a sophisticated gentleman to his partner whom he knows so well.


Another popular ruffled bloom, carnations’ beauty never fails to catch people’s attention. This flower stands for new love and fascination and is the romantic flower for young, sweet love.


For the lady who brightens your day and brings sunshine to your life, send a bouquet of sunflowers and show appreciation to the warmth of her love. This big, bright bloom in yellow will surely bring a smile to her heart.

If you’re looking for extra gifts to make your flower gift a little bit more special, we have vases, wines, teddy bears and chocolates that you can add to any floral arrangement. We also have pre-arranged sets with flowers and gift to make flower shopping more convenient for you.

Order before 1PM for same day delivery to Europe. Our online store is open 24/7 so you can shop for romantic flower gifts anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for? Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love. Express your feelings today and make an ordinary day magical for your sweetheart.

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