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Daisy flowers are unquestionably one of the perkiest flowers there are. The whimsical aura brought by its vibrant coloured petals is an all hit wonder among flower fanatics and even those who are just beginning to know more about flowers, specifically daisies.

But did you know that there is so much to know about daisy flowers?

Fun facts about daisies

Of innocence and new beginnings

According to Norse mythology, daisies are considered sacred because it is goddess’ Freya’s adored flower; hence, it was also known to represent fertility, childbirth, and motherhood and is sent to congratulate mothers who have given birth. In Roman mythology, goddess Nymph turned into a daisy to escape the fervent but unwelcomed love of Vertumnus.

Of sympathies and hope

Another daisy story is based on an old Celtic legend saying that God sprinkled daisies on Earth to comfort the parents whose babies have passed away. From this reference, daisies have become the preferred bouquet of flowers when sending some comforts, thoughts, and prayers to someone who lost a dearly departed.

Of happy days

Because daisy’s petals hover to its yellow centre at night and open again during the day, it was referred as ‘day’s eye’ during the olden English times. So if someone tells you that you look as fresh as daisy, say thank you because it means you are looking dapper.

Of indisputable love

Did you know that daisies are also considered to symbolise one true love? It’s because of their composite structure which means that a daisy is really two flowers united into one. Next time you confess your romantic feelings to someone, send something new, and send red daisy flowers!

Of modern times

At present, daisies are not only used as floral gifts but also have become a part o the vocabulary such as ‘oopsy-daisy.’ It has also evolved into an English slang which means interesting. In addition, if you are born on an April, then daisy is definitely your birth flower.

Colour me daisy

Know which daisy to send according to its colours. Send white for purity, yellow for friendship, red for passionate romance, and pink for gentleness.

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