Flowers for Graduation

It takes years to graduate from a tertiary course. This requires tenacity and determination. To come to the end of this journey opens the door to adventure ahead. Reward these efforts with graduation flowers.
Choose the colors of your bouquet to match your congratulatory message. Orange flowers represent adventure, yellow is for friendship and green is for good fortune. What blessing will you offer for graduation?
Add Extra Gifts to Reward a Graduation Milestone

You may want to add something to your bouquet. For something to tribute this milestone you may choose a delicious box of chocolates or bubbles. For something long lasting - a teddy or a vase is ideal.
Delivery to All Universities, Schools or Residences

Are you unable to be there for the ceremony? Place your order before 1pm and we will guarantee a same day delivery. We will deliver anywhere within Europe. A surprise at the graduate’s home or party will delight.