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FloraMamma Green Flowers

The charm of green flowers is sometimes hidden behind the lush greenery that comes with other equally captivating blooms. But don’t underestimate green flowers’ power to beautify and inspire because behind the verdant camouflage are flowers that stand for life, rebirth, and prosperity.

Green flowers are easy to love and offer an invigorating touch to every flower bouquet. It also brings out versatility in a place where it is displayed and an interesting touch of flare in every occasion when you use it as decoration or as gift.

Why should you send green flowers?

There are many reasons but we have listed the important ones for you.

  • It can be sent to anyone – Yes! You can send it as a neutral gift fit for any gender. It is not associated either with the feminine or masculine side of people. It’s definitely the safest kind of gift you can give to an acquaintance you are not too familiar about.
  • It looks elegant and full of life at the same time – It’s no wonder that plants always make any empty space livelier and cooler to the eyes. It goes the same with green flowers like cymbidium orchids – a certified choice also when you need to send a gift to a person of authority like your teacher or boss.
  • It brings you closer to nature – Remember the time when you cancelled your hike trip? It feels like you have been deprived of the chance to renew yourself. For the meantime, you can put a pot of exotic green spider mums on your office desk. Do it, please?
  • It’s cool to the eyes – In the middle of a busy work day in front of your computer; you are always encouraged to look at something green every time you feel a strain. Stare at it until your eyes are refreshed and rested. This exercise would be a little bit more fun if you will be looking at a glorious ensemble of green hydrangeas!

Green flowers also represent good fortune, what are you waiting for? Shop for green flowers today!

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