10 Boy Names with Flower Reference

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You’ve heard of all the lovely flower names for girls – they’re feminine, sweet, and meaningful.  Now, how about for boys?  Most of what you may have heard are nature-themed ones like River, Forest, and Cloud.  But don’t worry, we’ve already gathered a cool bunch of boy names with floral reference for you.

Alder.  A tree in the birch family, alders are known for their brown woody cones and drooping flower clusters called catkins.  This plant has a nitrogen fixation capability that allows them to improve soil and thrive in areas where other plants may struggle. 

Calyx.  Not a flower variety but a flower part, the calyx is commonly found at the base of a bloom surrounding the growing bud.  It can also be spelled as Calix.  A suitable nickname would be Cal.

Clem.  Derived from the Clematis flower that is regarded as the Queen of Vines.  Clematis is known for its large and showy star-shaped blossoms on twining vines.  It is an easy-care perennial that blooms abundantly and in various shapes, sizes, and colours.  Clem is also a name associated with gentle and merciful qualities.

Corey.  From the flower Coreopsis grandiflora, a large-blossom tickseed commonly seen in open woods, roadsides, prairies, and thickets.  This plant features daisy-like single flowers with deep yellow rays or petals and darker golden yellow centers.  Corey is a perfect name choice for your little ray of sunshine!

Elm.  Yes, that large and robust shade tree with round, serrated leaves.  Did you know that most elm species grow leaves in an alternating pattern on each branch?  Their flowers have no petals and are inconspicuous given the small size and green colour.  This botanical icon can adapt and thrive on a variety of soils.

Florian.  This name is the Latin word for flowering, blooming, or flourishing.

Heath.  A name inspired by the flowering shrub from the Erica genus, Heath.  It is a well-admired garden plant loved for its colourful blooms and evergreen foliage.

Huckleberry.  A perennial shrub with bronze leaves that will turn red and then green as it matures.  It bears edible and tasty black-purple berry fruits.  You may have heard of Huckleberry as a name from Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

Jacinto.  This is the Portuguese and Spanish form of Hyacinth.  The Catalan form is Jacint while the Italian is Giacinto or Giaquinto.  You can use Cinto as a short name or nickname.  You can also use Jacek as an alternative as it is the Polish name for hyacinth.

Lupin.  Take inspiration from the beautiful lupine flower that thrives in challenging conditions.  Lupines are part of the legume family.  This plant produces tall spires of brightly coloured blossoms.  It is sometimes referred to as the Wolf Flower.  Because this plant can grow in an otherwise barren spot, early observers thought that the plant robs all the nutrients from the soil like a ravenous wolf.  In reality, lupines actually help bring nitrogen into the soil.

Flower names are not just limited to girls.  There are plenty of unique and interesting flower names for boys, too, and they don’t seem to be as delicate as the flowers they represent.  These names, like the ones mentioned above, exude a rugged, outdoorsy vibe and are masculine and edgy enough to fit your darling baby boy.


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