9 Vivid Magenta-Coloured Flowers

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Flora in Viva Magenta?  There is quite a lot.  The joyful tone of Viva Magenta is surprisingly easy to find in nature.

Viva Magenta is Pantone’s 2023 colour of the year.  It is a shade for the brave and fearless as it exudes dynamism, strength, vigour, and joy with its deeply and exquisitely saturated colour.  This showy and bold crimson hue is a powerful and empowering tone inspired by the natural red dye derived from a female cochineal which is a scale insect.

The eye-grabbing magenta colour that pays homage to a strong and bright naturally occurring colouring compound is truly very present in nature; you can commonly see it in flowers.

Get to know nine of the most vivid pinkish-purplish-red-coloured blooms that can give your garden a fierce yet graceful update.

Rosa Maria Yarrow.  An evergreen yarrow worthy of a spot in your garden, patio, or sidewalk.  This magenta-coloured bloom features 3-4-inch flat-topped flower clusters that pop above blue-green foliage.  This flowering plant attracts pollinators and is very easy to grow.  It can thrive in just about any soil and in really hot climates.

Alstroemeria Margaret. The gorgeous ‘Margaret’ Peruvian Lily is a tall and clump-forming variety with dark green leaves and funnel-shaped flowers in deep red to magenta colour.  The flaring blossoms are held by upright stems perfect for cutting.  Each blossom features speckled golden centers.  This bloom is perfect for containers, beds, and borders.  It likes moist but well-drained soil and will grow best under partial shade to full sun.

Creeping Gloxinia.  A foxglove relative, the herbaceous perennial Lophospermum erubescens climbs through its twining leaf stalks.  This flowering plant features magenta-pink tubular flowers and soft, velvety leaves.  The attractive funnel-shaped blooms with a rich, deep reddish-pink colour make striking covers for trellises and fences.

Majestic Magenta Phlox.  Also known as a hybrid spring phlox, this variety is a beautiful ground cover that will bring you a bed of star-shaped blooms in rich, dark pink to magenta hues.  This lightly fragrant flower blooms up to a week and will attract bees and butterflies.

Cornflower Red Boy.  The Centaurea cyanus Red Boy is a bright rosy-red cornflower variety that is long-blooming if deadheaded.  This cottage garden Bachelor Buttons can instantly liven up any garden.  It will provide you with lots of 2-inch full and frilly magenta blooms that make delightful cut flowers.  This flowering plant self-sows and thrives best in rich, loamy soil with medium watering and full sun. 

Fuchsia Santa Cruz.  A real stunner.  This half-hardy fuchsia delivers large, semi-double flowers in deep crimson colour.  The showy flowers are perfect for beds and borders.  Grow this plant in moist, fertile soil, under filtered sun.

Mystic Wizard Dahlia.  Scientifically known as Dahlia variabilis ‘Mystic Wizard,’ this plant offers jewel-toned magenta blossoms with glossy mahogany-black leaves.  The upright growth habit and extremely attractive look of this flowering plant make them a great pollinator plant.  You can grow this in borders, containers, or for mass landscape planting.

Electra Dianthus.  Grow this Dianthus gratianopolithanus “Electra” in your garden and give your landscape that pop of colour, freshness, and life.  This long-blooming magenta-pink flower is perfect on the edge of a bed or in a container.

Bougainvillea.  Of course, our list of magenta-coloured flowers won’t be complete without the popular bougainvillea.  This long-lasting showstopper is guaranteed to add a lot of visual appeal to your landscape.  Let its densely bunched blossoms drape across a pergola or trellis or allow it to line a fence or frame your doorway.  This plant features bright red to magenta papery bracts on stems with short thorns and dark green leaves.  Bougainvilleas don’t tolerate frost, though so ensure they get protected from frost and cold weather.

This new year is the perfect time to be brave and fearless in your gardening endeavour.  Go ahead and give the vivid Viva Magenta hue a try and coat your landscape with the vim and vigour of magenta-coloured flowers.


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