5 Tips When Ordering Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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Heart’s Day is just around the corner!  It’s that time of the year when flowers do a bit more work in flexing their beauty, charm, and power to touch hearts and become messengers of love.

You’ll surely find plenty of flower gift options for this special day.  Bouquets of roses and other fresh blossoms are ready and waiting to help you communicate a sweet and thoughtful message.  But to ensure you send the message across and that your messenger of love arrives on time and just as you hope, consider these tips when sending flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Plan ahead.  Order in advance.  No reason to procrastinate, especially at this busy time of the year.  Ordering Valentine’s Day bouquets early is highly recommended so you get to secure a Feb-14 delivery date (or your preferred date) from your chosen florist.  Same-day flower delivery is there, sure, but this option might not always be available during “peak” periods like Valentine’s Day.  Shopping for Valentine’s Day flowers early also allows you to find the best flower deals and enjoy better prices.

Consider your relationship with the recipient.  Remember that flowers are effective messengers.  Of course, you wouldn’t want your flower gift to send the wrong message.  For someone you’ve committed yourself to, go ahead and get her the timeless bouquet of love – a dozen or more long-stemmed red roses.  If you’ve been dating for only a few months (or days), you may want to opt for a more discreet and meaningful bouquet of her favourite flowers than an overwhelming giant bouquet of roses.  If she’s a really good friend whom you so appreciate and want to thank on Valentine’s Day, go for yellow flowers or a bright and colourful mixed bouquet.

Pay attention to how your flower gift is presented.  There’s the good old, no-fail, always pleasing bouquet arrangement with a beautiful wrapper and a classy ribbon.  There’s an option to have your flowers arranged on a vase, too, so it’s ready for display.  Some florists now offer luxurious presentation boxes, offering a more modern style aesthetic.

Delivered to her home or workplace?  Have your Valentine’s Day flower gift delivered to your loved one’s doorstep or office.  If you go for the latter, make sure you consider three things: would the floral gift be work appropriate, would the recipient enjoy the attention the flower delivery would cause, and would such public display of affection fit the stage of your relationship.  If you decide that your special someone would appreciate a workplace flower delivery, keep your floral gift “suitable” for the workplace.  This means opting for a smaller, discreet arrangement with low-pollen and unscented blooms that won’t trigger allergies or cause headaches. 

Don’t forget the card.  Your impressive and expressive flower gift makes your special someone feel beautiful and loved.  But the perishable nature of flowers makes them not as lasting as the card that your beloved can keep for years and years and years.  Sending a bouquet of roses with a card bearing a message from your heart makes the celebration of love more romantic, unforgettable, and personal.  You don’t have to be a poet or a wordsmith to communicate how you feel eloquently.  Just be natural and true to yourself and your feelings.


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