Celebrate Women’s Month with Fresh Flowers

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International Women’s Day may be over (8th of March), but you can still celebrate.  Empowering inspiring females is something we can do all year round, anyway.  Take today’s chance to recognise a woman worth celebrating.  It can be a female history hero, a leader, a family member, a dear friend or colleague, or a special someone.

There are many ways to celebrate a woman’s resolve, tenacity, and vision.  And with all those different ways, you can always include the presence of fresh flowers.  A flower is a feminine symbol.  Its growth depicts feminine biology, including reproduction.  Its form embodies feminine energy, too.  So, if there’s one thing that celebrates females, femininity, or women – it’s a flower.

Here are some ways to help you use fresh flowers to celebrate, empower, and elevate women, ladies, girls, moms, sisters, daughters, grandmas, and all the fantastic females in your life.


A posy for the little girls.  Treat the young girls in the family to a small hand-tied posy of blooms and foliage.  Use the floral gift to recognize a milestone or achievement, whether big or small.  Use it to encourage your little lady to keep being herself and bloom unapologetically.

A bouquet for the Queen of the house.  Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day or your anniversary to get your spouse a luxurious bouquet of her favourite blooms.  Recognise all her efforts and nurturing and enduring love by treating her to a dazzling floral display.


Decorate the office with flowers.  Bring the outdoors in and display fresh blooms in vases and add more decorative live plants in key areas.  Turn your workplace into a garden field if possible (just be careful not to choose blooms with strong fragrance or high pollen count).  Doing this isn’t just a plain tribute to women at work.  Doing this can also help in cleaning the air in the workplace, boosting creativity and reducing the stress level of employees.

Get your staff involved in a photo challenge.  For Women’s Day 2023, the global theme is #EmbraceEquity. Encourage your team to take an embrace-yourself-pose in front of a floral backdrop to show solidarity.  You can share the photos on your business’ social media channels.

A flower to say “thank you.” All you need is a single stem of bloom to express your gratitude and appreciation to a female hardworker.  A dozen or three may be all you need to give every female staff a “thank you” flower gift.  Now is an opportune time to recognise the women in your organisation and their valuable contribution to reaching the company’s goals.


Donate to a local organisation supporting women.  It can be a women’s shelter or a social center supporting little girls or orphan girls.  Whether you’re making an in-kind or monetary donation, consider bringing or sending fresh flowers, too. Flowers can instantly change the mood and ambiance in a space. It can also calm the mind and also liven up spirits. Giving fresh flowers is but a little thing, but it can definitely make a huge impact.   A beautiful floral arrangement for the reception or food hall would be a good idea.  You can also host a flower-arranging activity for those who stay, including the staff, in the shelter.

It's never too late to celebrate women, hear their distinct voices, and recognise their power.  Like the many different ways women make to mark their mark in the world, there are many different ways too where we can affirm and celebrate a woman’s strength.


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