6 Uncommon Flower Names for Girls

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Congratulations on your baby!  It will be an extremely exciting and rewarding period of your life.  Have you got a name for your daughter?  If you haven’t considered one yet, why not name her after something sweet, delicate, pure, and beautiful like a flower?

Don’t worry about it being too familiar or sounding too old-fashioned.  There is a gardenful of flower names beyond Rose, Lily, and Daisy.  Read the list below for uncommon and rarely heard names inspired by flowers.


This girl’s name has a Greek origin.  Cassia means “cinnamon;” yes, that spice with a distinct smell and flavor.  If your little munchkin appears to have a warm, vibrant, and distinct character, Cassia as a name would suit her.  Cassia may be pronounced as cass-ee-a or cash-a.


Pronounced as uh-stil-bee, this flower features tall and fluffy plumes towering from frilly, deep green foliage.  The butterfly-attracting flowers come in bright colors, from pink and deep red to soft lavender and violet.  In Floriography, the flower astilbe is said to represent purity and innocence.  The delicate blooms are regarded as a symbol of honesty, truth, and perfection.  Astilbe is the perfect name for the perfect little girl who brings light and life to a rather shady world.


This flower from the aster family is easy to grow.  When it blooms, it brings an explosion of colour.  Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to their cheery, bright, and radiant look.  Zinnia flowers come in orange, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white colors.  In the Language of Flowers, zinnias signify remembrance.  If you see your child as a soon-to-be life-of-the-party at daycare, Zinnia will fit her just right.  


Two botanicals bear the name quince.  Belonging to the family Rosaceae and the sole member of the genus Cydonia, Cydonia oblonga or quince would make a beautiful moniker for an only daughter.  This quince has pale pink flowers commonly used in traditional Asian alternative medicine.

The other quince is flowering quince or Chaenomeles speciosa.  This is a deciduous shrub with striking orange, red, pink or white flowers and shiny, dark green leaves.  Most underestimate this plant for it only looks interesting when in full bloom.  Otherwise, it simply blends into the background.  Quince is a lovely name for a child who never fails to surprise and amaze you.


This floral name is of Persian origin, meaning wild rose.  It is associated with Rosa canina or the dog rose, in particular.  This wild rose species has sweet-scented flowers, which are typically pale pink but can be deep pink or white.  The Dog Rose is the country flower of Hampshire.  In Ireland, County Leitrim is dubbed The Wild Rose County.  In Ancient mythology, wild rose symbolizes love and adoration.  Alternative spellings for the name Nasrin include Nasreen or Nazreen.


A cheerful summer baby deserves to be called Shasta.  Shasta is a daisy flower bearing all-white petals and a yellow disk floret.  The perky Shasta daisy blooms have the traditional daisy look, only larger and more robust.  In Sanskrit, shasta means teacher or guide.

The girl you’re lucky to have doesn’t have to be another Jasmine, Ivy, or Fleur.  Your baby girl is unique and deserves a name that is her own identity.  With the hundred thousands of flower species Mother Nature gifted us, you’re sure to find one that best fits your little darling’s temperament and personality.

You can pick a name based on a flower’s meaning or the qualities of a bloom that you see in your baby.  You can also name your child after her birth month flower or a blossom’s personal significance in your life.  You can’t go wrong with naming your daughter after flowers - after one of the most beautiful things in this world.   


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