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Flowers and home, oh these two words are music to anyone’s ears. After a long, tiring day, just the thought of going home to beautiful flowers can bring calmness and a feeling of relief for anyone. Like right now, you can imagine yourself finally arriving at your doorstep, opening the door and feeling a sudden rush of relaxation as you see a vase of colourful roses. Shop located at Senefelderstraße 1, 10437 Berlin, Germany.

What a lovely sight! However, this image won’t be a reality especially if you don’t put flowers in your home. It can also be a challenge for those who are always busy at work or at home and have no time to take a stroll around the nearest flower shop and buy a chirpy bouquet of flowers to liven up the house.

Fast flower delivery service is now a possibility with Flora Mamma Florist Berlin! Take a 5-minute breather and get the chance to know us more and learn more about flowers.

Flora Mamma Florist Berlin is composed of a dedicated and hardworking team of the best florists in Berlin who make every place come to life through fresh stunning flowers. We encourage you to buy local flowers from our partner florists in Berlin. This ensures that the flowers you receive are fresher, skilfully hand-made, promptly hand-delivered, and at the same time you are helping the local business community!

Visit our website and you will see our wide range of floral products, plants, and gift baskets. It’s important to us that we can give you a lot of choices so you can easily choose the most suitable for your home or your recipient. Flora Mamma Florist Berlin will help you beautify your home and beautify your relationship with your family and friends on important occasions.

Here is a quick guide for you on how you should put fresh cut flowers in your home by Flora Mamma Florist Berlin.

Find an appropriate vase. When your receive flowers, there are times when the bouquet is hand-tied inside a fancy wrapper and you would need to look for a vase in order for you to display it. For more aesthetic value, you should match the kind of vase with the kind of flowers.
  • Use a cube vase for short-stemmed flowers
  • Use a classic-shaped vase for huge flowers
  • Use a bud vase for single-stem flowers
  • Use a cylindrical vase for long-stemmed flowers
Find a sweet spot. Flowers can be placed anywhere in your home but there is one basic rule you should keep in mind: the bigger the floral display, the bigger the space should be. You can also place the flowers in strategic points like tall arrangements along the entry way, bud vases on coffee tables, and one on your bedside table to welcome you to a new day as you wake up.

Find ways to make it long-lasting. The longevity of a flower’s freshness also depends on how you take care of it so it’s also recommended that you know how to take care of flowers. First, you should avoid exposing the flowers under direct sunlight or direct heat from appliances. Second, keep it away from ripening fruits because the ethylene gas will make the flowers’ lifespan short. Next, is to give space in every vase. Don’t stuff too much flowers in one vase because it can cause damage and wilting. Lastly, make sure the vase is always filled with clean water every day.

Now that you have the basic knowledge in displaying flowers, you can turn your imagination of coming home to fresh, fragrant flowers a reality. Make it a habit and let Flora Mamma Florist Berlin deliver to your home on a regular basis.
If you are planning to send flowers to someone’s home or location in Berlin, we can also make it happen for you here at Flora Mamma Florist Berlin. Our same day delivery services are for your orders made before 2 PM on Mondays to Fridays and 10 AM on Saturdays.

Give yourself a break; relax with flowers in Berlin hand-delivered to you by Flora Mamma Florist Berlin.