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Calling all those who need to battle loneliness, heartache, boredom, loss, defeat, doubt, and anxiety, you might need an all day 24/7 companion who would keep you company and  teach you how to deal with the negativities of life. Wonder if there is such a thing...

Well, there is! Flora Mamma Florist Oslo will be more than happy to indirectly teach you how to face the trials of life – it won’t cost you much, all you need is to be with our craftily arranged floral arrangement delivered the same day to your doorstep.

Welcome to Flora Mamma Florist Oslo, where flowers become more than petals and twigs.

It’s time to get real with flowers. For a lot of people, flowers are the royalty of color and fragrance of nature but for some, flowers are more than just a decoration – flowers are friends! A friend who makes you smile, makes you feel good, and makes your time worthwhile. Everyone needs flowers, including you! It can teach you a lot of things even if it cannot express through words, its presence is enough to let us know we can be who we want to be and we can face any adversity.

What flowers can teach us, by Flora Mamma Florist Oslo

Spring into Life. This bouquet by Flora Mamma Florist Oslo teaches about hope and appreciation. In life, there may be setbacks that make our hearts heavy and our vision of the future, blurred. The sweet ensemble of delicately toned flowers like blue agapanthus, pink, and white roses and a lather of green foliage can make you see what lies beneath cloudy days. Amid cloudy days, there are still flowers that make you realize that you are indeed living in a beautiful world. Choose to be positive and your thoughts will go a long way.

Picnic in the Country. Your happy day in a basket is here brought to you by Flora Mamma Florist Oslo! This floral package with an assortment of vibrant blooms of lilies, gerbera daisies, violets, freesias, and carnations teaches you to breathe away. Have a breather from your busy workload or cramped up household duties. It reminds you to take a break and enjoy life once in a while. Because life is not about getting to pay the bills but living and enjoying it!

A Lifetime. Are you currently having doubts about a certain relationship? It can be with a lover, a friend, or family. Don’t let a simple rift turn into bad blood, why don’t you do something about it? A Lifetime bouquet can turn your thoughts around with its sweet-smelling and gorgeous blossoms. It can teach you to respond with the most loving way and forgive even if it’s hard because rekindling relationships gives the best relief.

Warm & Fuzzy. Just by looking at this bouquet with abundant asters already tells you how to feel – warm & fuzzy! This gift of blooms tells you to give free hugs especially to those who really need it. Showing concern for someone and appreciating them for who they are is very important and makes a big difference. If you can’t give hugs personally it’s an easy choice to send Warm & Fuzzy, Flora Mamma Florist Oslo will deliver it to your recipient same day or next day.

The Last Kiss. There are no proper words that can heal a wounded heart that lost someone. Time heals and flowers can surely help in the recovery. The Last Kiss is a cross-shaped flower bouquet with white, yellow, and pink flowers, such a fitting tribute for a loved one or friend who passed away. Let The Last Kiss be your ultimate expression of a heartfelt goodbye.
There are so many flowers to choose from but always make sure that you choose from the heart. If you believe that flowers can really contribute delight and positivity to someone, then by all means send flowers! Flora Mamma Florist Oslo can ignite your new floral habit, you can order flowers online through our secured website, chat with our customer service 24/7, or call us so we can assist you in selecting the prefect flowers for you, your recipient, and for all occasions! After ordering, you can make payments via Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Paypal, Pastepay, and Discover.

If you are up to the challenge then you can opt for our same day delivery services in Oslo. Get your flower fix the same day when you order prior to 2 PM on Mondays to Fridays and 10 AM on Saturdays. There is nothing better than sending and receiving fresh flowers everyday!
Make your family and friends in Oslo experience good times through flowers. Order flowers now from Flora Mamma Florist Oslo.

The city of Oslo is Norway’s capital and has the biggest population in the country with a record of 673, 469 as of January of 2018. Staying in Oslo is synonymous to having a fantastic time with its overwhelming touristy cityscape that bears diverse architecture. Indulge yourself to a fun and fruitful culture by going to Munch Museum, attending the Oslo Jazz Festival, watching a play in the National Theater, or simply trying Norwegian cuisine in several of their high-rated restaurants!  

Oslo has also been named as one of Lonely Planet’s 2018 Top Ten Cities in the world.

Face a new day with confidence in yourself, love yourself, and defeat difficulties with a strong mind made possible by powerful flowers from Flora Mamma Florist Oslo.